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  • 4 Ways to receive techbuild.africa Updates
    techbuild.africa has attracted tens of thousands of monthly page views and has now emerged as a top tech blog on the continent, helping to tell the stories of not just startups but the innovation ecosystem in general. In a bid to simplify how our readers access valuable content on their... Read more »
  • Staying safe online is your responsibility [ICT Clinic]
    Our growing reliance on technology requires that we become more aware of threats and possible harms that can occur or originate either by our activities or that of others. It is actually not the responsibility of the social media platforms, mobile network operators or your PC/gadget manufacturer to keep you... Read more »
  • Apply: AI for Good Innovation Factory 2021
    AI for Good Innovation Factory is an UN-led pitching platform designed to help startups grow and scale their innovative AI-driven solutions that are in line with the UN SDGs. It scouts and selects promising startups, connecting them to potential business partners, investors, governments, public and private sector leaders, and more.... Read more »
  • Transforming LPG retailing through Internet of Things (Iot)
    There are over 22 billion IoT-connected devices on earth and industry research estimates that by 2030 the number of connected devices could reach more than 50 billion. This will impact every aspect of African society. But a common service platform is a key enabler to catalyze the distribution of LPG... Read more »
  • Does Insurtech have a Future in Nigeria?
    Insurtech has recently been receiving a lot of attention in Nigeria especially on how it can successfully penetrate and establish itself in the Nigerian market. Insurtech is derived from ‘insurance’ and ‘technology’, mashed together and it entails using technology to offer insurance services eliminating the mundane activities involved in the... Read more »
  • Self Service: A Look at SystemSpecs’ HumanManager Solution
    There’s an adage that says a happy employee is a productive employee. One of the ways organizations ensure this is by building an effective and well-run human resource management. Today, like every other aspect of human endeavor, technology has noticeably refined HR management. Many companies offer employees universal access to... Read more »
  • AfDB calls African Women Entrepreneurship Enablers to apply for Funding
    The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has launched a call for proposals for projects that enhance the viability and sustainability of women entrepreneurship enablers. Women’s business associations, incubators, accelerators, and cooperatives that advance women’s entrepreneurship are invited to apply for funding for innovative projects to enable them to strengthen the... Read more »

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  • Entrepreneurship Culture, Instrumental to Economic Growth in Africa
    November 2020, Global Entrepreneurship Month, running throughout November, is the world’s largest celebration of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers, and other start-up champions around the globe. During this month, the vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem is acknowledged globally for driving innovation, creating jobs, and improving lives. The African continent has been driving change... Read more »
  • “Halal Angels Network to establish their headquarters to the United Kingdom, January 2021”
    Post Brexit UK can tap the $5 trillion global halal consumer market to become the global hub & gateway to Ethical & Shariah Finance: Dr. Tausif Malik, Founder Halal Angels Network   November 11th, 2020 The World’s 1st Halal Angels Network to tap the 5 Trillion US Halal Consumer market... Read more »
  • The 1001 Female Entrepreneurs project
    The Khadija RA Initiative to Empower 1001 Female Entrepreneurs: World’s Largest Cohort, Incubation & Acceleration Program Launched by Halal Angels Network   Inspired by 1001 Arabian Nights as every female entrepreneur has a story to tell A global platform for female entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas & business Aimed to... Read more »
    Mozambique Creatives Week, A semana de Criativos em Moçambique. “Embora nem todos os empreendedores sejam artistas, todos os artistas são empreendedores” Uma nova forma de abordar o empreendedorismo moderno. De 16 a 22 de Novembro de 2020, durante a semana global de empreendedorismo, mais de 200 criativos moçambicanos e empreendedores... Read more »
  • Economia Verde: Nyusi lança Projecto de Energias Renováveis
    Lançado projecto de Exploração de energias renováveis em Moçambique. O Presidente da República, Filipe Nyusi, orientou, esta quarta-feira, o lançamento de “Iniciativas das Energias Renováveis” e disse que Moçambique possui um grande potencial e uma diversidade de recursos renováveis: solar, eólica, hidroeléctrica, biomassa, geotérmica, entre outros, “explorados de forma incipiente... Read more »
  • AlphaCode: Applications open for prestigious R10m Fintech program
    Applications are open for the next AlphaCode Incubate program which aims to identify, partner, and grow innovative financial services entrepreneurs. Successful applicants will receive funding, guidance from performance coaches, and a panel of advisory experts, access to AlphaCode’s co-working space, and opportunities to apply for further early-stage investment. The Incubate... Read more »
  • Luno acquired by world’s largest blockchain investor
    South African-founded Luno, the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has been acquired by Digital Currency Group (DCG), a global enterprise that builds, buys, and invests in blockchain companies. Luno began in South Africa in 2013. It now has five million customers spanning over 40 countries as well as almost 400 employees... Read more »