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  • Question about adding content to blog that is ranking well
    Hi everyone. I have a blog that was posted in January that is currently one of our top ranking blogs. We also have a podcast on youtube in which we covered something relevant to the topic and I was thinking about embedding the video, leaving the rest of the blog... Read more »
  • Blog posts ending with and without a /
    Has anyone encountered this problem? I'm using Wordpress to upload posts. I enter the link without a / at the end - as it usually does it automatically - but sometimes it will index both the ones with and without a / I have no clue how to look this... Read more »
  • Big E-Commerce Sites With Bad SEO?
    Hey y'all, hope everyone is doing well. I have a quick question -- anyone know of any large, recognizable brands with terrible SEO on their sites? Would be much, much appreciated. submitted by /u/thatsracist69420 [link] [comments]... Read more »
  • SEOs and the struggle with link building
    Been doing SEO on and off for over 10 years but have always been more into the offsite stuff, fell out of love with on site a while back. My question is - why is it that so many SEOs struggle with the link building side of things ? Is... Read more »
  • I'm new to SEO, any advice on how and where to start my learning?
    submitted by /u/AdministrativeAd3942 [link] [comments]... Read more »
  • Do secondary keywords include variations?
    I read an article earlier that said you want to select 5 or so secondary keywords to use in an article. However, if I was to include variations of the keywords, such as plurals, synonyms, same search intent, re-ordered words with the same meaning etc. these would reach dozens and... Read more »
  • How long does the Google sandbox last
    Sandbox equals your penalty for being indexed recently. I know many people like to claim the sandbox does not exist but it simply does in the term stated above. My website has now been indexed for about 4 days and it's not ranking for a term I know it will... Read more »

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  • How to Set the Right SEO Goals with 3 Examples
    The problem is that without a clear vision of what a win is, we’re unlikely to achieve results at all. The same is true if we set vague and arbitrary goals. In this guide, you’ll learn how to set the…Read more ›... Read more »
  • The Ultimate SEO Contract Template [100% Free]
      This template includes 13 vital sections needed to protect yourself and set clear expectations with your clients. It’s also fully customizable—you can easily swap out the names, edit the prices and services, and tweak the sample terms and conditions. How…Read more ›... Read more »
  • SEO Certifications: Are They Really Worth It?
    After spending hours researching SEO certifications and taking three of them (see my three certificates), my opinion is this: Most SEO certifications aren’t worth it. I’ll explain why in this article. But first, let’s cover the basics… What SEO certifications are Where…Read more ›... Read more »
  • How to Create a Winning Content Strategy
    In a nutshell, we: Create blog posts and videos about relevant topics that people search for on Google and YouTube. Nurture and educate those people with useful content on Twitter and in our newsletter. Retain customers and build brand loyalty using…Read more ›... Read more »
  • How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in SEO
    That might be easy if you’re working for a tech-forward company like Ahrefs with a boss that understands the value and importance of SEO, but it can be more of a challenge for those with less web-savvy bosses. In this guide,…Read more ›... Read more »
  • Flesch Reading Ease: Does It Matter for SEO? (Data Study)
      But how much attention should you pay to it? What is it really good for? Can a better readability score help you rank better? In this article, you’ll learn the answers to these questions with conclusions backed up by…Read more ›... Read more »
  • Steal Our SEO Specialist Job Description Template
    Sounds like someone you’re trying to hire? We’ve got your back. We scoured popular hiring portals like LinkedIn and Indeed for commonalities in SEO Specialist job descriptions. Then we asked 15 SEO hiring managers—both agency and client-side—to see if these…Read more ›... Read more »

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  • Step-by-Step Guide to Link Your Google Analytics 4 Property to BigQuery
    Do you want to get access to all your raw Google Analytics data starting from today? Learn how to seamlessly connect Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to BigQuery! Hit-level data is now not only accessible anymore for GA360 (paying customers). Literally in minutes everybody can set up an integration between the... Read more »
  • 25 Key Differences: Google Analytics App + Web vs Universal Analytics
    What’s the difference between Google Analytics App + Web and Universal Analytics? In this blogpost we will explore the differences between both versions of Google Analytics. App + Web is not a simple upgrade to Universal Analytics. It’s a new version that comes with an event-driven data model aimed at... Read more »
  • In-Depth Guide on Enhanced Measurement in Google Analytics App + Web
    Saying “yes” to automating parts of your Google Analytics App + Web setup sounds like a no-brainer to many, but are there any drawbacks? In this post I will share my opinion on the Enhanced Measurement feature of the new Google Analytics properties. You probably know that I love automation;... Read more »
  • 10 Strategies to Effectively Manipulate Google Analytics Data
    In Google Analytics you can both temporarily as well as permanently manipulate Google Analytics data. In this blogpost you will learn about the smartest tactics behind data manipulation. In my experience, many people and organizations lack the knowledge to modify the data they see in Google Analytics. It can be... Read more »
  • How to Find and Fix Duplicate Transactions in Google Analytics
    Enhanced Ecommerce is one of the most powerful modules in Google Analytics. Here you will learn how to avoid sending duplicate transactions to Google Analytics. Why is transaction revenue in Google Analytics not matching our back-end data? Why do I see $2.000 revenue on transaction id “123ABCDEF” instead of $200,... Read more »
  • How to Analyze Products Out of Stock in Google Analytics
    Having products out of stock is one of the worst things that can happen for Ecommerce websites. In this blogpost you learn how to measure and analyze out of stock data in GA. I have worked with many Ecommerce businesses in the last years. In my experience, “out of stock”... Read more »
  • [Solved] 15 Most Common Enhanced Ecommerce Issues
    Enhanced Ecommerce belongs to the most powerful features of Google Analytics. Are you confident about your Enhanced Ecommerce implementation and data in Google Analytics? In the last years I have worked with many different companies to support them with implementing Enhanced Ecommerce. I can say it’s definitely not an easy... Read more »

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  • Google Core Update June/July 2021: All the info on Google’s summer updates
    Google has announced a two-part summer update. Google’s first Core Update for 2021 is on its way, but as their developers couldn’t manage it all in one go, this Core Update will be released in two parts. The June 2021 roll-out began on June 2, with the next instalment planned... Read more »
  • Is It Time To Leave Your SEO Platform? – Shari Srebnick // Searchmetrics
             GUESTS & RESOURCES Shari Srebnick: Website // LinkedIn The Voices of Search Podcast: Email // LinkedIn // Twitter Benjamin Shapiro: Website // LinkedIn //  Twitter Episode Overview: Shari Srebnick, Head of Client Success for the US at Searchmetrics talks to host host Benjamin Shapiro about how to decide when to move on from your current SEO tool.... Read more »
  • Driving Team Adoption Of Your SEO Stack – Shari Srebnick // Searchmetrics
             GUESTS & RESOURCES Shari Srebnick: Website // LinkedIn The Voices of Search Podcast: Email // LinkedIn // Twitter Benjamin Shapiro: Website // LinkedIn //  Twitter Episode Overview: Host Benjamin Shapiro continues the conversation with Shari Srebnick, Head of Client Success for the US at Searchmetrics. They talk about making sure that you’re onboarding the right SEO tools... Read more »
  • Onboarding Your Team To A New SEO Tool – Shari Srebnick // Searchmetrics
             GUESTS & RESOURCES Shari Srebnick: Website // LinkedIn The Voices of Search Podcast: Email // LinkedIn // Twitter Benjamin Shapiro: Website // LinkedIn //  Twitter Episode Overview: Shari Srebnick, Head of Client Success for the US at Searchmetrics, meets with host Benjamin Shapiro to talk about using the right SEO tools. The whole purpose behind SEO is... Read more »
  • How to Win a Google Penalty Shoot-Out
    With Euro 2020 having just come to a very heart-retching close for the England team, penalties are probably the last thing on people’s mind right now. If we weren’t in the SEO industry, we’d leave it well alone. But, penalties are important. If you get penalised by Google, it means... Read more »
  • The Lightweights and The Heavyweights: How Google Calculates Ranking Factors
    We are constantly being asked questions about the importance of ranking factors. Google experts have now shed some light on how changes introduced through their updates affect search results. They’ve confirmed that the new page experience factor, which is part of Google’s Core Web Vitals, should only have a minor... Read more »
  • SEO Strategy – Voice Search and its Impact in 2021  
    How many times have you said ‘Hey, Google?’ today? Well, you’d not be the only one! Voice search is on the rise, and we’re not just directing our questions at smart speakers but at our mobiles, too. And with this being the case, not being optimized for voice search in... Read more »