Thanks for showing interest on how to make money on NGHeadlines. Please read slowly to understand how it works. We have written explicitly and hid nothing.

NGHeadlines is not a quick money-making scheme. NGHeadlines will not pay you for submitting news or commenting on news like other websites. In fact, there are no avenue for you to even submit news or leave a comment and we will not tell you to share anything on social media.

NGHeadlines will only pay you when you invite others to be a reader and you earn also when you read news.


Don’t think about anything yet. Continue reading.


To start earning money for inviting people, you must first become a registered reader. To become one, you will have to pay a one-time fee of NGN 3000.


Now you can think or leave!!!

If you’re no longer interested. It’s fine; you can be an ordinary visitor, and if you’re still interested in earning money, continue reading.

After you successfully become a registered reader, you will have access to your dashboard where you will see your personal invitation link. This is the link you will share with friends and family to start reading news on NGHeadlines. Once they click your link and register, you earn money.

Your current earnings (money earned for inviting people) is visible on your dashboard.

So it’s that simple?….

Those individuals you invited must register before you can earn. NGHeadlines will automatically pay you 60% of their one-time registration fee.


That’s hard right?…
Earning depending on your ability to convince people to read news and register. If you can’t invite readers, don’t bother with registration but you can always read news Headlines.


Reading point

Aside from getting paid for inviting people, NGHeadlines will also give you points for a daily visit and reading News headlines. The point will be converted to real cash whenever you request for withdrawal. 50,000 point is the maximum points you can accrue at a time. Learn more here. So aside from earning 60%, you will also earn from points.



NGHeadlines pay registered readers on request. If you have a minimum amount of NGN 4000 and above on your dashboard, you can click the withdraw button. If you have below NGN 4000, please don’t request for withdrawal. Else, we will deduct half of your earnings and give it to charity. Note: No refund after registration.


Where can I register?
You must be invited by someone before you can be allowed to register. If you came to through a friend’s link, register here. If you were not invited by anyone, click here to register


You can reach NGHeadlines on