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  • GI Genius Polyp Detection System: Interview with Giovanni Di Napoli, President, Gastrointestinal at Medtronic
    We recently reported on the de novo FDA clearance received by Medtronic for its GI Genius AI polyp detection system. The product is hugely flexible as it works with any video colonoscope and provides AI powered assistance for clinicians in identifying colorectal polyps during colonoscopies. Medtronic reports that the system... Read more »
  • Brain-Computer Interface Translates Imagined Writing into Typed Text
    Researchers in the BrainGate Collaboration (which includes researchers from Brown University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, the Providence VA Medical Center, Stanford University, and Case Western Reserve University) have developed a new iteration of their brain-computer interface which allows a spinal injury patient to type text on a computer... Read more »
  • Hydrogel Wound Treatment Kills Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
    Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have developed an antibacterial hydrogel that can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The material is conceived as a wound dressing, and is composed of antimicrobial peptides which are naturally produced by the immune system. The gel binds the peptides together and protects them, yet... Read more »
  • Light-Responsive Hydrogel to Fill Cerebral Aneurysms
    Researchers at Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH) in Korea have developed a new technique to treat cerebral aneurysms. Described in journal Advanced Materials, the treatment involves using a catheter to deliver an alignate hydrogel that is crosslinked in place within the aneurysm using light. The hydrogel is not... Read more »
  • Soft Sensors for Wireless Monitoring During Labor
    Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a series of soft sensors that can provide wireless monitoring of pregnant mothers during labor. The sensors are a replacement for the wires and belts typically used for monitoring during labor, and can send data directly to a clinician’s smartphone, opening the possibility of... Read more »
  • Mantis Shrimp-Inspired Camera to Detect Tumors During Surgery
    Researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have developed a hexachromatic camera that can assist with tumor imaging during surgical removal. The device is inspired by the mantis shrimp which can perceive twelve colors, compared with just three colors that can be perceived by the human eye. The new camera... Read more »
  • New Bioprinting Technique to Make Artificial Cartilage Implants
    Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a method to 3D print cartilage-like materials consisting of a collagen hydrogel containing human chondrocytes. The printed structures mimic human nasal cartilage in terms of its mechanical, molecular and histological characteristics. The researchers hope the technology could lead to personalized cartilage implants... Read more »

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  • Is Grass-Fed Beef Healthier Than Grain-Fed Beef?
    Ever since I started writing about health, the great debate over whether or not to eat meat and from what sources has continued on. Have you ever wondered if grass-fed beef is healthier? Is it worth the extra cost and effort to seek it out? Is there a real difference?... Read more »
  • 443: How Plastic Chemicals Are Changing Your Family’s Health & Hormones and What to Do About It With Dr. Mantravadi
    I am here today with Dr. Manasa Mantravadi, a pediatric hospitalist who is also a mom. We sit down to talk about something I’ve taken some heat for in the past: my stance on the problems with plastic chemicals. Years later, with the benefit of new studies and a 2018 paper... Read more »
  • How to Make a Fairy Garden for Kids
    There’s something magical about the idea of a fairy garden. It can be just as much fun to plan as a butterfly garden and there are so many possibilities. Here’s how to make a fairy garden in almost any location, with a wide variety of materials. What Is a Fairy... Read more »
  • Strawberry and Feta Salad
    I present to you my favorite salad ever! When our garden is producing strawberries, I eat this salad as much as I can. I enjoy it so much that I’ve even eaten it for breakfast with eggs on the side! Not only is this salad beautiful to look at, it’s... Read more »
  • 442: Chemicals, Not Cows, Are Killing Insects and Destroying the Ocean With John Roulac
    This episode is incredibly important for any of us who breathe air, eat food, or drink water. Today we delve into some of the real dangers of some of the climate change problems that we’re having and what the real roots are. Bottom line, it’s not the story that you’re... Read more »
  • My Favorite Health, Wellness & Motherhood Books
    I’ve always enjoyed reading. When I started on my family’s health journey many years ago, I poured through as many health books as I could get my hands on. Over the years I’ve read hundreds of books in the health and wellness space, some really good ones, some pretty boring,... Read more »
  • 441: METABOLICAL: The Lure and the Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition, and Modern Medicine With Dr. Robert Lustig
    Warning: if you have a sweet tooth, you might not like what you hear in this episode! Dr. Robert Lustig is a professor of pediatrics in the division of endocrinology and a member of the Institute for Health Policy Studies at the University of California at San Francisco. He has... Read more »