NGHeadlines, your topmost news aggregator was created to keep Nigerians updated with current affairs within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Another reason why NGHeadlines was created is to help cultivate a news reading culture amongst Nigerian citizen.

At a glance, you can see the latest news Headlines from different sources with simple and less complicated navigation. This reduces the time surfing from one news website to the other and thereby saving precious time and data.

With one swipe, you can switch from sport news headlines to business news headlines from within a page. You can also preview the news and decide whether to read further other or check another heading.

NGHeadlines aggregate News, Politics, Business, Jobs, Sports, Scholarships, Education, Entertainment, Technology, Services and Blogs in real-time within Nigeria and around the world. Allowing us to see what’s happening quickly and from trusted sources.

As with other aggregator websites in Nigeria and around the world, NGHeadlines use the feed to aggregate headlines and while other aggregate websites may have a database to store aggregated content, NGHeadlines don’t have a database for such. Once an headlines is replaced, it is no longer available on our websites.

So we advise readers to check back often so as to get the latest headlines before they are been replaced by newer updates. In summary, NGHeadlines provides a quick link to what matters to readers and every link goes back to news original source.

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